near Dubrovnik within Elafiti archipelago there is

island Sipan

Sipan is largest island in Elafiti archipelago that are also called "Jelenski otoci" (deer islands).
The name if first mentioned in 1. century after  Christ. Sipan is about 16 km2 in size (9 km long and 1,5 to 3 km wide).
There are two little places on the island: Sipanska Luka and Sudurad. During the Dubrovnik republic the island was popular as a resting place of republic aristocracy. There are many little churches and chapels on the island, because the island was in it's long history been populated by many sailors. Island Sipan is only 7 km away from Dubrovnik, and Sipanska luka about 12 km.
Whole of island is covered by Mediterranean vegetation, in it's past when on island lived about 7000 inhabitants there was over 350 000 olive trees. Today there are about 450 inhabitants mostly older people and children.
Besides olives on island there are many grape vine, oranges,  tangerine, fig, dog-rose and carob. Today because lack of local people most of the island is covered by macchia, pine trees and brown bullhead. Inhabitants are mostly oriented to tourism, fishing and a little of agriculture.
In Sipanska Luka visitors can find little hotel „Sipan" with 160 beds. In city bay there is a place for some 70 yacht because the Luka Sipanska bay is about 2,5 km long.
On this island that is about 16 km in size there is 42 old villas, 34 churches, and many chapels. Unfortunately most of them are in not very good state.
Major building on the island is castle of Vice Stjepovic Skocibuha, ship-owner and merchant from 16 century, palace of the Rector above Luka Šipanska, family Stjepovic castle, villa Katino.
Federiko Glavic, famous ship owner is also from this island. 


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